Life on the road can be quite an endurance for truckers

It’s not all sunshine and roses, being on the move with a truck day and night. Some things you encounter…

Female truck driver at the wheel

Just go at the truckstop, right?

Imagine this: you’re a trucker and you need a toilet break. Well, just stop at the nearest truck stop… Right? Unfortunately it’s not always that straight forward for truckers on the European roads.

  • Dirty toilets
  • Not enough toilets
  • Queues
  • Toilets out of order
  • Closed gas stations
  • Being refused to use customers’ toilet
  • 'Messing around' with newspapers
  • Pee buckets
  • Public peeing

Feeling reassured on the road

With the Truck-Toilet onboard, you always have access to a clean toilet. You can hit the road feeling reassured.

Truck-Toilet complete

Excuse me? A toilet in my truck?

Think about this. You can fit a toilet into a boat, a camper or a caravan. And your truck is well equipped with everything a driver needs. Except… a toilet. Until now that is. Now there’s the Truck-Toilet: no more desperate situations on the road.

No more 'messing around'

Always a clean toilet

No more public peeing

Truck-Toilet in the news

We’ve been working on the Truck-Toilet for quite a while. And we didn’t stay unnoticed. Check out these messages in the media about us.

"Sometimes peeing in public seems like the only option!"

Did you know that...?

  • Over 30% of the Dutch population experiences a lack of toilets on the road? (source: Stoma Vereniging)
  • There is a toilet alliance, committed to raise the amount of public, clean toilets? (source:
  • There are 2 million Dutch people with a digestive or bladder problem? (source:
  • There is a Dutch app for on the road: Hoge Nood allowing you to find the nearest toilet?
  • Over 53% of the drivers say they’re not allowed to use their customers’ toilet? (source: CNV)
  • A new truck with a Truck-Toilet plus bed is less expensive than a truck without a Truck-Toilet? Buy your new truck without the bed frame, which will save you around €1,400. Then buy the Truck-Toilet including bed frame and your truck is complete. So you save hundreds of euros.