Truck-Toilet - on the road feeling reassured

Truck-Toilet model Complete

How does the Truck-Toilet work?

The Truck-Toilet is very easy to install and use. Let us explain it to you step by step.

Truck-Toilet under mattress in truck


Installation is very simple. Screw the frame – including the Truck-Toilet – onto the bed and place the mattress on top of the sturdy top panel.

Gel powder sprinkled in Truck-Toilet

Before use

Place a collection bag inside of the Truck-Toilet and sprinkle the provided gel powder inside. Lower the toilet seat and the Truck-Toilet is ready to use.

Collection bag disposed in waste container

After use

Seal the collection bag odor and leak free using the provided lid and dispose of it in a regular waste container. Slide the Truck-Toilet back into position under the bed.

"Sometimes peeing in public seems like the only option!"


For truckers, by truckers

This is what other truckers have to say about their experiences with the Truck-Toilet.


“It works perfectly, to be honest. Sure, it’s not exactly a Sunday paper sit-down, but it does the job in emergencies when finding a toilet isn’t an option. A common situation for a trucker like me.”

Henk Brink

“This is absolutely amazing. I’d say this is the perfect solution for 99% percent of truckers. No more finding a spot in the bushes for me. Going in public didn’t make me happy, especially when it was frosty outside.”

Barbara Visser

Well thought through

The Truck-Toilet is developed for truckers by truckers. We know from experience how uncomfortable it is to be stuck in a desperate situation. We listened to fellow truckers to make sure this solution meets all the demands.

Keep your cabin fresh and hygienic

The emergency solutions we often encounter are not particularly hygienic. Think of pee bottles, diaper buckets or even piles of newspaper. That’s not exactly what you want in your cabin. The odor and leak free collection bags and the gel powder that turns fluids into jelly in no time, make the Truck-toilet a hygienic solution for toilet emergencies.

Neatly hidden underneath your bed

Of course, you don’t want to drive around in a mobile toilet. That’s why the Truck-Toilet can be stored compactly, virtually invisible underneath your bed. Hidden, but at your service when you need it the most.

On the road feeling reassured

With the Truck-Toilet onboard, you can hit the road feeling reassured. No more searching for emergency solutions or settling with dirty toilets. You always have access to a clean toilet. That’s what we call peace of mind.

Clean and odor free


Reassurance on the road

The models

Different situations ask for different Truck-Toilet models. We’ve thought it all through for you. Choose the right model for your situation.

Truck-Toilet Drawer
Truck-Toilet Drawer
€ 659

This model can be installed underneath the bed when there’s enough space available. Consult your truck dealer if necessary.
Dimensions: 50x50x12 cm.
Delivered including 2 sealable collection bags and two sachets of gel powder.

Truck-Toilet Complete
Truck-Toilet Complete
€ 949

This model consists of a frame with a built in drawer. It can be installed on a truck bed in a space saving and discreet way. Consult your truck dealer if necessary.
Dimensions: varies per truck type.
Delivered including 2 sealable collection bags and two sachets of gel powder.

Foldaway Truck-Toilet
Foldaway Truck-Toilet
€ 299

This foldable model can be attached to the inner truck wall, for instance in a truck with a day cabin or in a courier van. It’s easy to fold and unfold and takes up little space.
Dimensions (folded): 50x50x6 cm.
Delivered including 2 sealable collection bags and two sachets of gel powder.

The accessories

Order the accessories for optimal use of the Truck-Toilet here.

Truck-Toilet Collection bag
Truck-Toilet Collection Bags
€ 8,50

Set of 10 sealable collection bags from recycled material.

Truck-Toilet Gel Powder
Truck-Toilet Gel Powder
€ 29,94

Set of 6 bottles of gel powder, allowing any fluids in the collection bags to almost instantly change into gel.

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