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"Sometimes peeing in public seems like the only option!"

It’s not all sunshine and roses, being on the move with a truck day and night. Some things you encounter…

How does the Truck-Toilet work?

The Truck-Toilet is very easy to install and use. Let us explain it to you step by step.

Truck-Toilet under mattress in truck


Installation is very simple. Screw the frame – including the Truck-Toilet – onto the bed and place the mattress on top of the sturdy top panel.

Gel powder sprinkled in Truck-Toilet

Before use

Place a collection bag inside of the Truck-Toilet and sprinkle the provided gel powder inside. Lower the toilet seat and the Truck-Toilet is ready to use.

Collection bag disposed in waste container

After use

Seal the collection bag odor and leak free using the provided lid and dispose of it in a regular waste container. Slide the Truck-Toilet back into position under the bed.